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Cooking lessons

Here at Lu Salconi we like to enjoy good company, drinking good wine and eating healthy.

Among the things we care about most there is certainly the preparation of fresh pasta.
We like to share with our guests the passion for good food and for this reason we offer cooking lessons of homemade pasta to add to the living room.

You can book a unique experience and try the preparation of typical dishes to taste during dinner. Lessons take place in the early afternoon and last around 2 hours.
In the evening you can sit in our restaurant for a dinner based on local products and pasta made during the lesson.

1 lesson + dinner € 60 per person

“When you start to understand how it’s done, you can not go back. Homemade pasta is full of pores. It gladly welcomes its guest “the sauce” releasing in exchange so much starch more than any dry pasta. I would say it’s the perfect pasta. Making pasta by hand is a way to recover the time “- Don Pasta

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